1. This organization is and shall be known as the C.W. Clark Memorial Library of Oriskany Falls existing by virtue of the provisions in the Absolute Charter Number 16651, granted by the Regents of the University of the State of New York on June  23, 1978, and exercising the powers and authority and assuming the responsibilities delegated to it under said charter.


            1. Members of the C.W. Clark Memorial Library Board of Trustees are appointed by the Oriskany Falls Village Board for a term of five years, with no limit to the number of terms an appointee may serve.

            2. The term of members of the Board of Trustees shall end on December 31 of the fifth year following appointment term, unless the trustee shall have resigned or otherwise terminated membership on the board. The term of Board Officers shall be from July 1 to June 30. Officer terms shall be 2 years.            

            3. Vacancies which occur for reasons other than expiration of term shall be filled for the balance of the unexpired term by the C.W. Clark Memorial Library Board.

            4. Any trustee who shall fail to attend three (3) consecutive regular meetings of the board without legitimate cause shall be requested to resign as a trustee, and the vacancy shall be considered at the next regular meeting and filled as soon as possible.

            5. A nomination committee shall be appointed by the president at the October meeting to recommend a slate of trustee nominees to the Village Board of Trustees for appointment, if necessary.

            6. All governing power shall be vested in the C.W. Clark Memorial Library Board of Trustees, of not less than five (5) members, not more than eleven (11) members.


            1. The officers of the board of trustees shall be elected at the July annual meeting. They shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer elected from among the board of trustees.

            2. Officers shall serve a term of two years from the annual meeting at which they are elected and until their successors are duly elected. Tenure of officers of the board shall not be limited.

            3. A nominating committee shall be appointed by the president two months prior to the annual meeting to designate a slate of officers at the annual meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. The vote for officers shall be by secret ballot if two or more trustees have been nominated for one office.

            4. The president shall preside at all meetings of the board of trustees, shall authorize calls for any special meetings, shall appoint all committee, shall execute all documents authorized by the board, shall serve as ex-officio voting member of all committees, and generally perform all duties associated with the office.

            5. The vice-president, in the event of the absence or disability of the president, or of a vacancy in that office, shall assume and perform the duties and functions of the president.

6. The secretary shall keep a true and accurate record of all meetings of the board, shall issue notice of all regular and special meetings, and shall perform such other duties as are generally associated with that office, including but not limited to, handling all correspondence, ads to papers, etc.

            7. The treasurer shall be the disbursing officer of the board, shall sign all checks and shall perform such duties as are generally associated with that office.


            1. Regular meetings shall be held each month, at dates and times to be established by the board at the beginning of the library year and shall be open to the public except when executive sessions are required for specific legal reasons allowed.

            2. Special meetings shall be held at the call of the president or any three (3) trustees.

            3. A majority of the designated number of the board shall constitute a quorum.

            4. The order of business shall be as follows:
1.   Roll call
2.   Public Input
3.   Review of minutes of previous meeting
4.   Financial report
5.   Aide report
6.   Committee report
7.   Communications
8.   Old business
9.   New business
10.  Adjournment

            5. Vacancies among the officers shall be filled at an election at a regular meeting, and a majority vote of the trustees present shall be necessary to an election.


            1. In addition to the Nomination Committee, the president shall appoint a Building Committee, a Finance Committee, a Policy/Personnel Committee, and a Grant Committee and other such committees as the business of the board may require from time to time. These committees shall consist of one or more members and shall be considered to be discharged upon completion of the term of office of the president. Each committee should establish purpose, authority and responsibility in writing for the record.

            2. The Building Committee shall periodically inspect the physical plant of the Library and report important matters to the board with the recommendation for improvements or corrections of any faults found.

            3. The Finance Committee shall have general supervision over the financial affairs of the library and shall make policy recommendations to the board concerning investment of permanent funds received. This committee shall prepare the annual budget for the maintenance and operations of the library for consideration by the board at the time specified by the President.

            4. The Policy/ Personnel Committee shall assist the Library Aide in any formal collective bargaining negotiations with the representatives of the employees if so recognized by the board and recommend the form of agreement for approval by the board. This committee shall also make an annual review of library policies and recommend appropriate changes. 

            5. The Grant Committee shall seek and make application for grants that serve the library’s mission.

            6. Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the President with approval of the board. Non-board members may be appointed to such committees to bring special capabilities for the resolution of problems confronting the committee.

            7. All committees shall make a progress report to the board at each of its meetings. No committee shall have other than advisory powers unless the board has delegated specific power to act upon its behalf pending a subsequent meeting of the board for confirmation.


            1.The board shall appoint a qualified Library Aide who shall be the executive and administrative officer of the library.

            2. The Library Aide shall be held responsible for the proper performance of duties as spelled out in the job description provided by the board.

            3. The Library Aide shall maintain all policies established by the board.

       4. It shall be the duty of the Library Aide to attend meetings of the board, including budget meetings (as requested by the board), or public meetings where action may be taken affecting the interests of the library. The Library Aide shall have the right to speak on all matters under discussion at board meetings, but shall not have the right to vote thereon.


1. These by-laws may be repealed, amended, or added to by a majority vote of the whole board at a regular meeting. Such action may be taken, however, only after the substance of the proposed repeal, amendment, or addition has been presented in writing at a prior regular or special meeting, and notice thereof has been given the notice of the meeting which it is to be considered.

Presented by Merrybeth Nadeau, Karen Stuttard and Suzanne Collins, members of the Policy/Personnel Committee at the July 12, 2016 meeting.
Approved with changes May 15, 2018.
Approved with changes October 15, 2019 (change order of mtg to match agenda we currently use.)
Reviewed and Re-Approved October 18, 2022.

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