The Library

Limited Opening at C W Clark Memorial Library

Starting on Monday, July 27th, we will be resuming our regular hours with limited services. Patrons will be able to enter the library, browse the stacks and check out books and DVDs, use the computers, make copies, etc.

Only 6 people at a time will be allowed in the library to maintain social distancing, and everyone will be required to wear a mask all the time. Entry will be through the door up the ramp, drop your returns in the drop box before entering, and ring the door bell to get in (someone will answer as quickly as possible…remember, we may be checking out someone when you arrive.)

We may ask you to sign in when you get here. That will be for your safety. In the event that someone should happen to develop the virus while you were here, we will want to be able to get in touch with anyone who was here during that time so they can get tested. The lists will not be used for anything else and will be shredded after a short amount of time has past.

Please sanitize your hands when you arrive. When you are browsing the books and DVDs, we ask that you try to touch as few as possible, and any you touch but don’t check out, you put on a cart or table throughout the library so they can be sanitized before being put back on the shelves. It’s not that we don’t trust you…it’s just that we want to protect you and the next person as much as possible.

We want you to enjoy your time here with us, and we don’t want it to be a burden, but we want to protect you and everyone else. Stop in and see us when you can! We have missed you!

Curbside Pickup at C W Clark Memorial Library

Curbside pickup is now available. You can call us, email us at, or message us on Facebook with your requests, and we will verify their availability and let you know when they will be ready for pickup.

At this time, only books in our own library are available for your reading pleasure.

When they are ready, you will let us know when you will be here, within our available hours, and we will have your items bagged and ready for you on the front porch for pickup.

We’re looking forward to the time when we can see you smiling faces again!

Til then – Happy reading!

New url for the library

Please note that the url (website address) for the library has changed. Our new address is You can still get here with the old website address, but eventually, that will go away. Please update your favorites with the new address. We don’t want to miss you!

Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL)

The C W Clark Memorial Library supports the DPIL. Stop in to the library and register your child under 5 years old for the program. Every month your child will receive a new book in the mail for free until he/she reaches their fifth birthday. There is no charge for this program. All we need is your mailing address and your child can start receiving free books! Why wouldn’t you sign up for a program like this? The Dolly Parton Imagination Library is a great way to get your child interested in books. You can help bring the stories to life.

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